FunControl motivates children to educate themselves
Does your child play too much?
Mobile devices have become a part of our children's lives. But it can be difficult for children to control their desires. As a result, they spend too much time on useless games and applications!

But what if we could use this situation for the benefit of the child?
Competitor solutions
Existing applications only restrict, cover, block access, or are engaged in surveillance and at the same time they do not take into account the interests and desires of the child and do not contribute to his/her development.
GPS tracking
Monitoring messages
We choose a different approach!
Our mobile application FunControl motivates children to use mobile devices for self-learning.
How does it work?
Step 1.
Choose the category for each application installed on your device. There are only four of them, namely educational, fun, blocked and neutral.
Step 2.
Set the balance between educational and fun applications.
Step 3.
Now, using any educational application, your child will earn time, which he can then spend on his favorite games and entertainment.
Step 4.
When the accumulated time is used up, all games will temporarily be blocked. As soon as the child earns back time from educational applications, he will regain access to the games.
• Application usage statistics
• Ability to manually edit the time
• Customize the style of the child's profile
• Carefully selected list of educational apps
Extra features:
at the time of beta testing
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